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You Got Yourself Stuck in a Moment. How to Get Out of It.

Stuck - The feeling or longing to start something new or change an aspect of your life, but you can't.

Unfortunately, the feeling of being stuck can look or feel like this:

I want to start a new relationship, but I don't know how

I have outgrown my job, but it's too overwhelming to look for another

I am too frozen to try to change any aspect of my life right now

There are many reasons why we feel stuck in our life. It may be lingering symptoms of anxiety or depression. It may be because we are so overwhelmed with the pace of our daily life and demands that we simply can not even attempt to make changes. But, the feeling of being stuck remains. We could spend hours in this state of vacillating between conscious and unconscious thoughts and decision-making.

Feeling stuck keeps people from reaching new personal and professional goals, entering into new relationships, and allowing for new forms of happiness in their life.

Below are possible reasons why we may feel stuck and ways we can successfully get unstuck!

  1. Deconstruct what is underneath your feelings of being stuck Sources of the feeling:

  • Fear: When we acknowledge our fears of what is holding us back, the emotion begins to hold power

  • Growth: Do you feel like you mastered your job, perhaps you have changed your feelings towards family and friends, or are you craving a new situation in your personal life?

  • Safety & Security: Changing a job, changing relationship status, or engaging in something new doesn't mean you are losing the safety or security that you have created from your current situation.

  • Stress & Burn Out: Feeling overwhelmed by life events and other circumstances can lead to feeling stuck. Eventually, this cycle can lead to fatigue and poor decision-making.

  1. Tips for Shifting Your Perspective Framework

Increase feelings of accomplishment

  • Use your mind, body, and thoughts into engaging in healthy patterns. Invest in therapy, begin a new activity, and connect with new people.

  • Listen to yourself: gaining input and thoughts from others may be something you have been seeking too much of. Their judgment may be imposing too much on your decision, leaving you stuck.

  • Stimulate your passion: Evolve past what you thought your perfect job or relationship was. Allow yourself a new situation that can create new fulfillment and challenge you in other ways.

  • Reconnect with your Authentic Self: When we feel stuck, feelings of helplessness can increase. Identify any area in your life where you feel in control and take ownership. Rest and reset. Give yourself space and time to feel and identify these challenging thoughts in a secure place without distractions. can not be STUCK and in MOTION at the same time. The simple idea of doing anything that allows you to make a choice enables you to get unstuck. See your situation through a different framework and see what opens up for you.

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