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Educator Self-Care: Upcoming Workshop

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Educators face extraordinary challenges on a daily basis. Curricula changes, modifying lessons based on student needs, administrative duties, and classroom management leave educators vulnerable to burnout.

When this level of stress persists over time, feelings of anxiety, depression, and work fatigue occur. The World Health Organization (WHO) attributes these three characteristics to occupational burnout:

  • Exhaustion. When teachers experience burnout, they can feel depleted of energy and too exhausted to continue with their work.

  • Cynicism. Teachers who have reached a state of burnout can begin to feel mentally detached from their jobs. Their feelings about the profession can turn negative and cynical.

  • Inefficacy. Teacher burnout also leads to feelings of incompetence or ineffectiveness.

November 18, 2021, my colleague, Dr. Kelly Zinn, will be hosting an Educator Self-Care workshop. This workshop will be available via Zoom. I encourage all educators, child study team members, school counselors, and administrators to take the time to learn how to utilize self-care and increase their resilience during these difficult times. Districts will also learn ways to support self-care initiatives. Sign-up at Dr. Zinn is a dynamic presenter with over 14 years of school social work experience. She is an author, presenter, professor, and advocate for addressing mental health access for providers.

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